Driving theory test

The Theory Test comprises of 50 Multiple Choice questions; correct answers are selected by method of touch screen. You're allowed 57 minutes to complete the test and in order to pass require to score 43 out of of 50.

At the same time sitting pupils are also required to take and pass a hazard perception test. 14 video clips are watched and the idea is to respond to developing hazards, this is done via the use of mouse button. Each clip scores 5 points, 1 of the clips scores 10. The quicker the response, the higher the score. The pass mark is currently 44 out of 75 and the overall fee for the test is £31.00

Driving lesson recommended reading & viewing

Recommended reading for me is:
The Highway Code
The Official Guide to Driving.

A useful DVD to purchase is the Official DSA complete 'Theory Test Kit'

On booking your theory test, you'll receive a DVD called 'Are you ready' which explains how the theory test operates from meeting the receptionist to taking the test and how you receive your result at the end.